Love is Your Natural State.

The critical KEY to hold our mind training together



I heard a story about jesus and how he came to wake up and start his ministry.

Towards the end of the 40 days in the desert his mind became more and more certain

Focused on one thing.

A Course in Miracles says..

We must place the peace of God as our highest goal.

Not our only goal.

But it must be number 1.

Every Time I have been in a state of peace and joy.

​No matter the length of time they lasted.

It was because of two things.

But before I tell you about those..

I want to share with you the awakening experiences I have had.

Especially one that happened very recently.

I had basically reached the state that for so many years of practice.

It had alluded me.

I woke up.

I was seeing and feeling everything like ACIM had said.

It was all true.

The real world.

The happy dream.

No worries.

Peace and calm all the time.

It is more than bliss.

It is better than any pleasure of this world.

10, 100, or even 1000 times better. 

I even made a video about how I was feeling.

Watch here

Alas it was not to last.

But it left me wondering what were the core elements to waking.

What is it that brings us out of our suffering.

I have spent many many hours, weeks, months studying, learning, listening.

But all the study in the world will not bring one out of suffering.

I know.

It usually comes when you are finally ready to let go of control.

This is what happened that day when I woke up.

I made a solemn choice and I was certain

No matter what I was going for real love and

To experience the peace of God.

So the story about what jesus

And what he was doing when he finally came out of the desert was..

He was in a continuous state of thanks prayer.

Not from a place of I am little and week as we so often do.

But from the real place of power.

I imagine he was saying..

Thank you father for making me everlasting.

Thank you father for making me loving and kind

Thank you father for holding me in your gentle gaze

Constantly reminding me of the innocence that has

Never left me and all my equals.

Thank you father that all things were created equal.

Now after you have read these,

Find a place where you will not feel self conscious.

Or remind yourself that only the ego judges and

Your real brother/sister equal is only loving you.

And repeat out loud the thanks prayer that went before.

I believe that while we turn away from fear.

It is not the absence of fear that makes us strong.

But in the face of our greatest fear we maintain a thanks prayer.

Knowing that nothing of this world could ever change who we are.

And here we are light bringers.

No matter how many times we falter.

No matter how many times we judge and hurt ourselves and others

We as a whole cannot be even touched.

You could drive a stake through the heart of another

and still nothing about you has changed.